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Studio Savvy by fitDEGREE

Apr 25, 2019

Angela Muzic has trained every type of athlete from snowboarders to Olympic style weightlifters in her journey to open her Barre Rhythm fitness. Before having her own studio Angela built a brand and reputation as a traveling instructor until she was ready to open her own brick and mortar location.


IG: @barrerhythm

Apr 18, 2019

Kyle Davis, Owner and Founder of Northwest Fitness Project. NWFP is a collective of 14 elite trainers  with a combined total of over 2 centuries of personal training experience and some of the best group training on the west coast. What makes them different? Kyle believes that the collective community of trainers that...

Apr 11, 2019

Rebecca Warfield, Independent yoga Instructor, University professor and a fellow podcast host. As an educator at a collegiate level Rebecca greatly values the ability to teach a subject as well as the ability to practice one. This philosophy extends from the classroom to the mat and Rebecca is here to talk about how...

Apr 4, 2019

Daniel Nyiri arrived in America in 2011 with $150 in his pocket and limited english but as a true entrepreneur knows… so what? Today he is the CEO of 4u fitness, a business that uses a very high tech piece of equipment and has 7 locations with 32 employees. Listen to find out how Daniel built a high end boutique...