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fitSpot Guru

Feb 29, 2024

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • Nicole’s thoughts on why maintaining a focus on the client experience at  all times is key [1:20]

  • How finding the right mentors can be invaluable to your business [3:41]

  • The way in which Nicole finds what works for her when it comes to a work/life balance [8:12]

  • What the concept...

Feb 22, 2024

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • What Lumin Fitness’s new smart studio concept is all about [1:43]

  • How to approach implementing leaderboards in your studio [6:33]

  • Some of the ways that leaderboards can build community and new connections between members [9:04]

  • Tips for developing a customized rewards system...

Feb 15, 2024

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • What ‘sparked’ the creation of Spark Strategies [1:20]

  • Some of the challenges Nicole encountered growing her own yoga studio [5:07]

  • A common misconception studio owners often have about growing their businesses [8:30]

  • Nicole’s tips for tailoring your approach to marketing on...

Feb 8, 2024

What We Cover In This Episode: 

  • News with Nick and a look at Pilates style concepts at F45 [0:38]

  • Why establishing a clear and shared vision to create a community-oriented team is crucial [4:46]

  • Our thoughts on hiring for cultural fit and diversity [8:23]

  • How to approach community building with a focus on...

Feb 1, 2024

Hey fitFam and welcome back to another episode of fitSpot Guru! Well, not so fast. As you may have noticed by the length of today’s episode, it’s not an actual episode. I am here to make an announcement on some upcoming changes that fitSpot Guru will be undergoing starting in February.

In an effort to keep our...